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2023 Annual General Meeting

The NBSC Annual General Meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday 13 November 2023 at the NBSC clubrooms.

Accordingly in line with the CLUB RULES, the Secretary is calling for nominations from all members for election to the NBSC committee.

Any member who wishes to be considered for election to the committee at the annual general meeting must notify the secretary before or at the annual general meeting.

A member may nominate for one specified position of office holder of The Club or to be an ordinary committee member.

The committee members NBSC consist of;

(a) the office holders of The Club; and

(b) at least one ordinary committee member.

The committee determines the maximum number of members who may be ordinary committee members.

The following are the office holders of The Club:

  • The President

  • The Vice President of Juniors

  • The Vice President of Senior Men

  • The Vice President of Senior Women

  • The Secretary

  • The Treasurer

  • The Registrar

Presently Non-Office Holder Committee Member positions that the current Committee has supported to maintain post the AGM are:

  • Club Liaison Officer

  • Communications and Sponsorship Manager

  • Functions and Events

  • Property Manager/ Kit Manager (currently vacant)

  • Bar Manager

  • Canteen Manager

  • Women’s Coordinator

  • Masters Coordinator

  • Junior Coordinator Coaches

  • Junior Coordinator Managers

  • Mini-Roos Coordinator Yrs 10, 11,12

  • Mini-Roos Coordinator Yrs 8,9

  • Hub Coordinator Yrs 6 – 7

Hand over documents / role descriptions are available for all positions.

The current Committee is particularly looking for members interested in nominating for the following committee positions:

  • Club Liaison Officer Football West

  • Property Manager/ Kit Manager

Members are also encouraged to consider nominating as an Ordinary Committee member position as they can be used to transition into key committee roles and / or support these roles.

All Nominations should be sent to the Secretary of the NBSC at email


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